The VAVRS Death Benefit Plan was established in 1984 during the presidency of Gary Clatterbuck. The purpose of the plan is to render aid to the designated beneficiary or the estate of any member of the VAVRS Death Benefit Plan at the time of the member’s death.

To qualify for membership in the Death Benefit Plan you must be a member of the VAVRS. The membership of the VAVRS consists of the membership of all agency members, VAVRS Individual members, VAVRS Life members, AVAVRS members, and VAJVRS members. The best way to join the plan is through your agency. If your agency does not participate in the plan, you are still able to join as an individual plan member.

Upon the death of a member of the plan, each plan member is charged an assessment fee. The assessment fee is billed to your agency and your agency is responsible for payment of the fees. Your agency may choose to collect the assessment from you or pay the fee for you. Individual plan members are billed directly and are responsible for the payment of their assessment fees.


Death Benefit Plan Changes Explained - Please Read - 03-22-21

Application Form with instructions - Fillable PDF 

Agency Member Deletion Form with instructions - Fillable PDF

Member Information/Beneficiary Change Request Form with instructions - Fillable PDF

Report of a Deceased Member Form with instructions - Fillable PDF