Virginia Association of Junior Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc.

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The VAJVRS is the youthful division of the VAVRS. Any junior squad of a member unit is eligible to become a member. The VAVRS believes junior squads to be the future of pre-hospital care. It is the association goal to offer guidance and channel their enthusiasm into education and leadership skills.

1. Build leadership skills. 
2. Explore the state and see how other junior crews operate.
3. Get “hands on’” EMS experience, while observing the senior members.
4. Cultivate interest in medical field.
5. Establish invaluable EMS contacts across the state.
6. Provides opportunities to experience EMS competitive events.
7. Affords the opportunity to run for and hold a state junior office.
8. Provides opportunities to take EMS classes .
9. Offers the opportunity  to connect with other juniors across the state.
10. Establishes the foundation for membership and active participation in the VAVRS as a senior member.

VAJVRS Membership Application Form

For more information regarding membership please get in touch with VAJVRS President. (see Youth Program>Leadership Page for contact information)