VAVRS Committees


Chair:  Joey King (540) 752-6047
           Each District Vice President

Human Resources:
Chair: Vice President: Joey King (540) 752-6047
          Treasurer Andy Neagle (804) 241-0168      
          Kim Craig - At-Large appointee 
          Steve Southworth - At-Large appointee
          Mac McGuire - At-Large appointee

Chair: Jim Cromer 

Committee members:
J.C. Phillips
Ken Morgan
Advisor: Scott Davis
Life Membership:
Chair:  Kevin Dillard

Committee members:
Greg Burton
Roger Vassar
Jim Fontaine
Ford Wirt

Chair:  Gary Dalton
Committee members:

Chair:  Andy Neagle, Treasurer (804) 241-0168

Committee members:
Wesley Melson
Joey King
Clarence Fox
Frank Smith
Kim Craig
Steve Grayson
Connie Moore           

Strategic Planning:
Chair:  Wesley Melson

Committee members:
Joey King
Clarence Fox
Connie Moore
Gary Dalton
Rob Logan
Kim Craig
Kevin Dillard

Rescue College:
Chair:  Steve Southworth (434) 989-7607 

Committee members:
Greg Burton
Kitty Kresmer
Ken Morgan       
Rob Logan    

Death Benefit:
Chair:  Andy Neagle
Committee members:
Nick Brown
Fay Browning
Diana Wills
Warren Winner           

Chair:  Frank Smith (434) 841-0439

Committee members:
Gary Dalton
Steve Southworth
Clay Overholt
Kevin Dillard
Ed "Bubby" Bish
Wayne Myers
Brian Bilheimer-Staff

EMS Advisory Board-Governor Appointments:
VAVRS Representative:  Kim Craig
VAVRS Representative:  Dreama Chandler (276) 620-3432

Chair: Kim Melson 

Committee members:
Carolyn Brand
Brandon Probst
Kitty Kresmer         
Rescue Hall of Fame: 
Chair:  Ken Morgan

Committee members:
Bruce Stratton
JC Phillips
Bubby Bish
Mac McGuire

EMS Exchange Program:
Chair: Clarence Fox

Committee members:
Kevin Dillard
Joey King 

IT Committee:
Chair:  Gary Dalton (540) 481-0125

Committee members:
Steve Ayers (540) 818-8880
Clarence Fox

Chair: Kim Craig

Committee members:
Bubby Bish (804) 731-1131
Robbie Blackburn
Gary Dalton (540) 481-0125 
Kenny Frenier      
Advisor:  Ed Rhodes       

National EMS Memorial Service:
Liason:  Scott Davis (540) 922-2747

Nominating: Must be one appointee from each district. Chair. elected by the committee.
Chair:  Kim Craig

Camporee Event:

Junior Advisors:
Chair:  Brandon Baugus
Alfred Smith

Chair:  Andy Neagle (804) 241-0168

Committee members:
George Langford
Mac McGuire
Warren Winner

EMS Advisory Board and Committee Appointments:
Advisory Board Representatives: Dreama Chandler and Kim Craig
Executive:  Dreama Chandler
Legislative and Planning:  Gary Dalton
Emergency Manangement: Ed "Bubby" Bish
Provider Health and Safety: Wayne Myers
Rules and Regulations: Kim Craig
Workforce Development: Dreama Chandler
Training and Certification: Bobby Lester
Transportation: Jim Fontaine and Patrick Scott

Govenor's Board Appointments:
VOLSAP: John Craig, Gary Dalton, Steve Grayson

Appointed Officers
Parlimentarian - Scott Davis
Editor - Gary Dalton

District Advisors
District 1 - Nick Brown (540) 649-0910
District 2 - Bubby Bish (804) 731-1131
District 3 - Joey King (540) 752-6047
District 5 - Connie Moore (434) 865-4303
District 6 - Clarence Fox (540) 810-1423
District 7 - John H. Craig, III (540) 487-9546
District 9 - Scott Davis (540) 922-2747
District 10 - Wesley Melson (540) 735-4888