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Attention VAVRS Members and Instructors:

Our classes have opened back up and are now in Phase 3. Please see the matrix below. 

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Aug. 11 blood drive will be at REMS, 374 Day Ave., from 1 to 6 p.m. To schedule a donation time, visit or call 800-RED-CROSS.

Scrapbook Letter and Rules for 2020

The First Responder Virginia Convention for 2020 has been canceled. Please click on the letter below for more information. 


COVID-19 Updates:
1. VAVRS - Classes have been canceled through June 10th
2. Spring BOG - Has been canceled and classes at Spring BOG have also been canceled 
3. Camporee - Canceled for this year 
4. District 3 Meeting - April 25th is canceled, next meeting will be August 1st
5. Rescue College 2020 - Canceled for 2020
6. First Responder Virginia 2020 Convention - Canceled for 2020



2020 - VAVRS 85th Anniversary!

Since 1935 VAVRS has been serving the Virginia EMS community. 


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VAVRS Strategic Plan

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  3. Helping to fund educational conferences, Rescue College and Convention
  4. Providing needed technology for instructors
  5. Providing ongoing education for our instructors and staff 

Thank you for supporting VAVRS in 2020 through Grants and Sponsorships!
1. Carilion Clinic
2. Costco
3. The Wawa Foundation





This NEW award recognizes the accomplishments in the area of Roadway Safety and Traffic Incident Management.
This award is open to those that respond to roadway incidents and will be presented in conjunction with the Governors Virginia EMS Awards. 
Click here to download fillable PDF of Nomination Form!



This Service Award Program for Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Workers (VOLSAP) was created by state statute, specifically § 51.1-1200–51.1-1211 of the Code of Virginia,
to provide a mechanism by which the state could facilitate optional retirement savings for volunteer firefighters and rescue squad workers throughout the Commonwealth.

Click Here to be taken to VOLSAP.ORG  





Member Spotlight

In August 2019 the VAVRS Executive Committee approved a $100.00 fee for non-VAVRS members to attend any VAVRS Course. 

Mission Statement
"The VAVRS shall promote and assist member rescue squads in improving pre-hospital care in Virginia."
Pre-hospital care shall mean providing rescue functions and rendering of emergency care for patients outside the hospital.

The VAVRS shall help its members improve pre-hospital care by:
•Providing training to it members.
•Improving communications and liaisons between agencies.
•Promoting legislation beneficial to pre-hospital providers.
•Providing management and assistance services.
•Promoting and recognizing pre-hospital providers.

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