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We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
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We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
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We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
Farm Machinery Extrication Courses Available
We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
84th Annual Convention - September 26th - 29th
We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
Rescue College - June 2019
We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
2018 Annual Campaign
We look forward to seeing you at Convention!
The State Office staff will be working remotely from the Convention for the week of September 24th - 28th. We will be answering calls and e-mails when time permits us to do so. If you call in please leave a message and we will return your call within 24 hours. 


Educational Events & Seminars
Educational Event and Seminars

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84th Annual Conference Brochure Revised 7/2018 
see pages 17 & 18 regarding Training Information 

The 84th VAVRS Convention will be held September 26-29, 2018 in Virginia Beach, VA. Each year the Association hosts a convention in the last week of September, for learning new techniques through medical seminars, enjoying competition and participating in educational and social activities. The event offers VAVRS members the opportunity to have input on the function and mission of the association during business meetings and election of officers. The convention hosts one of the largest EMS product shows on the east coast, featuring vendors of EMS related equipment, supplies, vehicles and clothing.

2018 Housing List
2018 Convention Scrapbook Rules Senior Junior and District 

2018 Convention Video Scrapbook Rules Senior Junior and District

2018 Convention Exhibitors Packet


Contest Rules:
2018 Special Awards
2018 EMT/BLS Contest
2018 ALS Contest
2018 Rescue Contest

2018 Vehicle Extrication
2018 EVOC Contest
2018 Website Contest 
2018 Parade Contest 

2018 Outstanding Junior Squad 
2018 Squad of Year

2018 District Vice President of Year Letter  
2018 District Vice President of Year Score Sheet 


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  4. Death Benefit Plan
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VAVRS is now registered with:
PWW media which allows you
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New Member Benefit

We have now added a tab for jobs that have been posted by our members. Send us your posting and we will add it to our "Jobs" tab. 


This Service Award Program for Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Workers (VOLSAP) was created by state statute, specifically § 51.1-1200–51.1-1211 of the Code of Virginia,
to provide a mechanism by which the state could facilitate optional retirement savings for volunteer firefighters and rescue squad workers throughout the Commonwealth.

Click Here to be taken to VOLSAP.ORG    

Have you had your yearly mental assessment?
Mental Health Assessment Application
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2018 Annual Campaign

Your support allows us to continue to provide the best training possible for our first responders. Your donation will go towards:

  1. Repairing and upgrading our training equipment, trailers and vehicles
  2. Providing training materials, manuals, brochures and books
  3. Helping to fund educational conferences for our instructors and first responders
  4. Providing needed technology for instructors
  5. Providing ongoing education for our instructors and staff 

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Thank you for supporting VAVRS through Grants!

1. Dominion Energy
2. Patient First

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National EMS Memorial Service

Here is the 2018 National EMS Memorial Service video on YouTube.




Member Spotlight

2017 Conference Winners

EMT Contest
ALS Contest
Rescue Contest
Vehicle Extrication Contest
EVOC Contest
Parade Contest


Mission Statement
"The VAVRS shall promote and assist member rescue squads in improving pre-hospital care in Virginia."
Pre-hospital care shall mean providing rescue functions and rendering of emergency care for patients outside the hospital.

The VAVRS shall help its members improve pre-hospital care by:
•Providing training to it members.
•Improving communications and liaisons between agencies.
•Promoting legislation beneficial to pre-hospital providers.
•Providing management and assistance services.
•Promoting and recognizing pre-hospital providers.

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