Training Divisions

The following is a breakdown of the various divisions within the VAVRS Training Program. Each division will have a Division Manager who oversees the Course Coordinator(s) or contact person(s) within their specific division. The divisions are as follows:
  • EMS Enhancement Division
  • EVOC Division
  • Extrication Division
  • Leadership/Administrative Division
  • Special Division
  • Technical Rescue Division

Division Managers:

The Division Manager oversees and coordinates training within their assigned division in conjunction with the Training Officer and Course Coordinators. The position is appointed by the Training Officer. The Division Manager also serves as a member of the Training Committee. 

  • Steve Southworth, EMS Enhancement Division Manager
  • Gary Dalton, EVOC Division Manager
  • John Craig, Extrication Division Manager
  • Ken Morgan, Leadership/Administrative Division Manager
  • John Hillard, Special Division Manager
  • Clay Overholt, Technical Rescue Division Manager

Division Organizational Charts:
Training Program Organizational Chart
EMS Enhancement Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
EVOC Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Extrication Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Leadership/Administrative Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Special Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Technical Rescue Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)

Division Course Breakdown:
  • EMS Enhancement Division
    • Infection Disease Control and Designated Infection Control Officer
    • Mental Health and First Aid Courses
  • EVOC Division
    • Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
    • Emergency Vehicle Trailer Operator Course
  • Extrication Division
    • Awareness and Operations
    • Advanced Extrication
    • School Bus Extrication
    • Farm Machinery Extrication
    • Advanced Farm Machinery Extrication
  • Leadership/Administrative Division
    • EMS Leadership Challenge
    • Methods of Instruction
    • Grant Writing
    • Recruitment and Retention
    • Parliamentary Law
    • Auxiliary Workshop
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Legal Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards
    • Bylaws, Policies, and Roberts Rules
  • Special Division
    • This division oversees courses normally taught by a 3rd party or vendor. This also includes the various camps overseen by VAVRS. Below are just some examples. 
      • EMS Officer I by VAOEMS
      • Medical Courses by HealthNet HEMS
      • Drone Operations
      • Wilderness First Aid
      • Youth Camps
  • Technical Rescue Division
    • Basic and Light Duty Rescue and Low Angle Operations
    • Vertical Rescue
    • Advanced Vertical Rescue
    • Search and Rescue
    • Special Event and Off Road Operations
    • Swift Water Rescue
    • Cave Rescue Awareness
    • Hazmat Awareness