Farm Machinery Extrication

Description:  This course was developed in cooperation with the VAVRS and the Virginia Tech Agricultural Engineering Department. The course stresses safe and proper techniques of handling agricultural accidents.
The course includes information and training on:
· Machinery upsets
· Victims caught within large machinery
· Grain bin entrapments
· Exposure to toxic gases
· Agricultural chemicals and pesticides
The course does include classroom and practical work.
Course Hours:  16
Refresher Hours:  8
Reference Materials: Farm Accident Rescue by Northeast Regional, Agricultural Engineering Service, Revised April 1986 & Agricultural Hazards and Rescue Procedures by Agricultural Safety and Health Center Coop Extension Service, Kansas State University, Manhattan-Nov. 1981
NOTE: A textbook is required by each student taking this course
Basic Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM of 18 years of age
· MUST provide own protective gear
Instructor Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM of 21 years of age
· MUST hold current Farm Machinery Extrication certification
· MUST have successfully completed the Farm Machinery Extrication pre-test with a score of 80
· MUST be certified in basic Farm Machinery Extrication for a minimum of two (2) years
· MUST provide own protective gear
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