Advanced Vertical Rescue - Technician Level

Description:  This is the third step after Vertical Rescue for those wishing to learn Advanced Vertical Rescue techniques. This course will include hauling and lowering systems, for high angle rescues.
This course is very intense in its classroom and practical training. The practical portion is also very physically demanding.
Course Hours:  24
Refresher Hours:  24
Reference Materials: On Rope, by Allen Padgett and Bruce Smith, 1987, National Speleological Society, 1st and Revised Edition; High Angle Rescue, by Tom Vines and Steve Hudson, 1st and 2nd Edition; The International Manual of Basic Rescue Methods, Revised 1992, by Dawson Nethercutt
Basic Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM of 16 years of age
· MUST provide own protective gear (see Vertical Rescue)
· MUST be certified in Basic & Light Duty Rescue or Basic & Light Duty Rescue-Rescue Tech Level I
· MUST be certified in Vertical Rescue or Vertical Rescue-Rescue Tech II that is 2 years old or less
· Candidate must do pretest and successfully tie pre-selected knots and ability to configure anchor systems.
Instructor Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM of 18 years of age
· MUST provide own protective gear (see above)
· MUST be certified as a Basic & Light Duty Instructor
· MUST be certified as a Vertical Rescue Instructor
· MUST be certified in Advanced Vertical Rescue-Rescue Tech Level III basic
· MUST have successfully completed the Advanced Vertical Rescue pre-test with a score of 80
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