The Effective Fire Dept Leader - Problems Pitfalls and Penalties

Description:  You can’t run the volunteer fire department the way you used to!  Today’s emergency service organization (ESO) is simply not an “emergency response agency.” Your ESO is a quasi-business requiring a number of management practices needed by all volunteer organizations particularly regarding finance, personnel issues and planning in order to function and survive.  Each ESO has a number of leadership positions to divide the work load and more focus can be provided among these positions.  In essence, ESO’s have changed from their original mission  of “response to an emergency”; to one of identifying potential problems, electronic media, planning in order to deal with risks, education to the public, preparing the community in the event of an emergency and    responding to manage the problems that exist.  The Effective Fire Department Leaders program is targeted at the civil organization officer -president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and director/executive committee members.  However,  topics covered and lessons learned will prove to be useful for all levels of department structure and leadership.
 3 hr course
Course Hours:  3
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