Basic&Light Duty Rescue Awareness&Low Angle Operations

Description:  This course is the first step for those wishing to learn rope rescue techniques. This course is designed to teach basic rescue skills and techniques, proper use of ladders, ropes, etc., and the correct way to rescue persons from heights above or below ground.
Course Hours:  32 hours (to include day or night problem)
Refresher Hours:  32 hours (to include day or night problem)
Reference Materials: International Manual of Basic Rescue Methods-rev 1992 by Dawson Nethercutt
Basic Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM 16 year of age
· There are currently no course prerequisites
Instructor Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM of 18 years of age
· MUST hold current Basic & Light Duty certification
· MUST have successfully completed the Basic & Light Duty pre-test with score of 80
· MUST provide own protective gear
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