Vertical Rescue - High Angle Operations Level - Russell County Search & Rescue, Lebanon VA - 10/4/2019

Start Date:  10/4/2019
Registration Deadline:  9/30/2019
# Days:  3
District:  District 9
Location:  Russell County Search & Rescue, Lebanon VA
Max Seats:  20
Seats Avaliable:  0
Description:  This class is the second step after Basic & Light Duty Rescue for those wishing to learn additional rope rescue techniques. This course offers both classroom and practical aspects of vertical rescue techniques. It offers application of rescue techniques from various levels both above and below ground.
Emphasis is placed on:
· Rappelling
· Ascending
· Rappel Rescue
· Lowering Systems
· Hauling Systems
· Stretcher rigging
· All safety procedures
The course is very intense in its classroom and practical training. The practical portion is also very physically demanding.
Course Hours:  32
Refresher Hours:  32
Reference Materials: On Rope, by Allen Padgett and Bruce Smith, 1987 National Speleological Society, 1st and Revised Edition; High Angle Rescue by Tom Vines and Steve Hudson, 1st and 2nd Edition; International Manual of Basic Rescue Methods by Dawson Nethercutt.
Basic Course Prerequisites: 
· MINIMUM of 16 years of age
· MUST be certified in Basic & Light Duty Rescue basic within last 2 years
· Candidate must do pretest and successfully tie pre-selected knots
· MUST provide own protective gear which is to include:
- helmet (bike riding syle)
- gloves (type without fingers but provide protection for rest of hand)
- appropriate clothing (no loose clothing or jewelry)

Instructor Course Prerequisites: 

· MINIMUM of 18 years of age
· MUST hold current certification in Vertical Rescue basic
· MUST be certified as a Basic & Light Duty Rescue Instructor
· MUST have successfully completed the Vertical Rescue pre-test with a score of 80
· MUST provide own protective gear (see above)
Instructions:  Vertical Rescue-High Angle Operations level

Clay Overholt

Oct 4, 2019  0730-1800
Oct 5, 2019  0730-1800
Oct 6, 2019  0730-1800

Member Price:  $0.00
Non-Member Price:  $100.00
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