Emergency Vehicle Operator Class - **Closed** Hose Co #4, 210 E Rock St, Harrisonburg, Va 22802 - 8/31/2019

Start Date:  8/31/2019
Registration Deadline:  8/24/2019
# Days:  2
District:  District 1
Location:  **Closed** Hose Co #4, 210 E Rock St, Harrisonburg, Va 22802
Max Seats:  20
Seats Avaliable:  6
Description:  The Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) is patterned after the State Office of Transportation Safety EVOC guide. The course emphasizes safe driving skills. Additionally, the course gives you (the emergency driver) all the vehicle codes of Virginia which will affect you. This course is designed to help reduce the number of crashes involving emergency vehicles. The course includes classroom and driving range skills.
Upon completion of the EVOC course, five points can be added to the driver s record in the state of Virginia. This point system for your license is allowed only once every two (2) years.
Note: A textbook is required by each student taking this course - cost of textbook for students as of 2/27/2017 is $5.00 The textbook is also on the VAVRS Website, student may use to review before and or during the class on their own electronic device.
Course Hours:  16
Refresher Hours:  8 (can include both classroom and practical)
Reference Materials: One of the reference items: EMS Driving The Safe Way, by Gloria Jean Peto & William J. Medve - this is not a book used by the students but reference material only
Basic Course Prerequisites: 
· MUST be 18 years of age
· MUST possess a current operators license
Instructor Course Prerequisites: 
· MUST be 21 years of age
· MUST hold current EVOC certification
· MUST be certified in basic EVOC for at least one year
· MUST have successfully completed the EVOC pre-test with a score of 80
· Active squad member for three (3) years
· MUST be a member of the VAVRS
· MUST maintain a current operator's license
· MUST submit a copy of your driving record not more than 30 days old from date of application
**Any EVOC instructor who has their operators license revoked, suspended, or limited for ANY period of time, the instructor MUST IMMEDIATELY notify the VAVRS Training Officer. The instructor will IMMEDIATELY stop teaching and participating in all EVOC classes, and contests within the VAVRS, until the next Executive Committee meeting.
Instructions:  **Closed**
Class 1,2 & 3
08/31/19  0800-1700
9/1/19      0800-Until finished

Michael Harmon

Hose Co #4
210 E Rock St
Harrisonburg, Va 22802
Member Price:  $0.00
Non-Member Price:  $100.00
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