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Please note that for all classes sponsored or taught by the VAVRS there is a $100.00 non member fee; additionally if you register for a class and do not attend for emergent reasons there is a $25.00 no show fee that will be charged.
Session IDCourseLocationStart DateInstructor UpdateLead InstructorDistrictMax SeatsSeats Avaliable 
3518102019 Instructor Update Basic & Light - Vertical and Advanced Vertical Rescue Instructor Update ONLYGladys VFD3/23/2019YesDistrict 50 View
350088Introduction To Swift Water RescueHurt VFD4/20/2019NoDistrict 5200 View
350703Basic&Light Duty Rescue Awareness&Low Angle Operations***CANCELLED***Page Co. Fire & EMS - 7979 US Hwy 340 Shenandoah VA 228495/10/2019NoDistrict 12018 View
362474Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED CLASS*** EVOC 1,2,3 933 South Jefferson St SW Roanoke, VA8/13/2020NoDistrict 6205 View
368945Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassRiver Ben Volunteer Fire Department, 1535 Ferry Road, Danville Va 245418/13/2020NoDistrict 52014 View
369151Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED CLASS*** 431 McClanahan Street, S.W., Roanoke, VA 240148/13/2020NoDistrict 62020 View
369038Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CANCELLED*** Closed class, Priority Transport 823 Richmond Ave., Staunton, VA 244018/15/2020NoDistrict 12020 View
368307Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassMadison County Volunteer Rescue Squad8/15/2020NoDistrict 103014 View
364414Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassFairfield Rescue Squad 5885 N Lee Highway Fairfield, VA. 244358/15/2020NoDistrict 1201 View
368523Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED*** Southside VA Community College, 1300 Greensville County Cir, Emporia8/22/2020NoDistrict 22016 View
369037Emergency Vehicle Operator Class805 Augusta Ave., Grottoes VA 244418/22/2020NoDistrict 12012 View
369152EVOC Trailer Operations***CLOSED CLASS*** Carson VFD 19806 Halifax Rd., Carson, VA8/22/2020NoDistrict 31010 View
369122Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLASS FULL*** Rocky Mt. Fire Department, 1250 N. Main Street, Rocky Mt, VA 241518/22/2020NoDistrict 610 View
369310Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED*** Stuarts Draft Rescue, 10 Manor Road, Stuarts Draft, VA 244778/25/2020NoDistrict 12018 View
369368EVOC Trailer Operations***CLOSED CLASS*** Carson Volunteer Fire Department 19806 Halifax Rd. Carson, VA8/29/2020NoDistrict 31010 View
369216Vehicle Rescue Awareness and OperationsWytheville, Virginia8/29/2020NoDistrict 7204 View
369364Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassHighland County RS-Monterey, VA High School9/5/2020NoDistrict 1209 View
369289Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED*** BVRS 1300 Progress Street, NE, Blacksburg, VA 240609/10/2020NoDistrict 72020 View
368952Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassDooms Volunteer Fire Department, 27 Sandy Ridge Road, Waynesboro, VA 229809/11/2020NoDistrict 12019 View
368951Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassVirginia Extension Office (Page) 215 West Main Street C, Stanley VA 228519/12/2020NoDistrict 102016 View
368039Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassCentra Sim Lab 905 Lakeside Drive Lynchburg, VA 245019/12/2020NoDistrict 52017 View
369556Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassBristol Life Saving Crew 1601 Euclid Ave. Bristol, VA9/12/2020NoDistrict 92018 View
369597Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassCave Spring Rescue Squad 3206 Valley Forge Ave, Roanoke, VA 240189/12/2020NoDistrict 62020 View
362475Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED CLASS*** EVOC 1,2,3 933 South Jefferson St SW Roanoke, VA9/19/2020NoDistrict 62020 View
362476Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED CLASS*** EVOC 1,2,3 933 South Jefferson St SW Roanoke, VA10/10/2020NoDistrict 62020 View
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