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Please note that for all classes sponsored or taught by the VAVRS there is a $100.00 non member fee; additionally if you register for a class and do not attend for emergent reasons there is a $25.00 no show fee that will be charged.
Session IDCourseLocationStart DateInstructor UpdateLead InstructorDistrictMax SeatsSeats Avaliable 
3518102019 Instructor Update Basic & Light - Vertical and Advanced Vertical Rescue Instructor Update ONLYGladys VFD3/23/2019YesDistrict 50 View
350088Introduction To Swift Water RescueHurt VFD4/20/2019NoDistrict 5200 View
350703Basic&Light Duty Rescue Awareness&Low Angle Operations***CANCELLED***Page Co. Fire & EMS - 7979 US Hwy 340 Shenandoah VA 228495/10/2019NoDistrict 12018 View
349455Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED***Medical Transport – 5792 Arrowhead Dr, VA Beach VA7/27/2019NoDistrict 22015 View
363118Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassStatewide12/20/2019NoDistrict 310099 View
363306Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassEVOC Refresher - 1601 N. Coalter Street, Staunton, VA 244011/25/2020NoDistrict 12013 View
363305Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassMeherrin Fire Rescue, 102 Moores Ordinary Road, Meherrin, VA 239542/1/2020NoDistrict 5205 View
363534Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassRural Retreat Rescue Squad2/1/2020NoDistrict 62020 View
362873Vehicle Rescue Awareness and OperationsVehicle Rescue Awareness and Operations Jarratt VFD2/2/2020NoDistrict 2208 View
363303Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassMontross Volunteer Rescue Squad 72 Lyells St., Montross, VA 225202/8/2020NoDistrict 82017 View
363535Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassCLOSED - AdvanSix 4101 Bermuda Hundred Road, Chester, VA 238362/11/2020NoDistrict 32020 View
363536Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassAdvanSix 4101 Bermuda Hundred Road, Chester, VA 238362/18/2020NoDistrict 32020 View
363537Advanced Vehicle RescueCLOSED CLASS - Danville Area Training Center, 630 Randolph Street, Danville, VA2/20/2020NoDistrict 50 View
363538Advanced Vehicle RescueCLOSED CLASS - Danville Area Training Center, 630 Randolph Street, Danville, VA2/20/2020NoDistrict 50 View
363552Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassFloyd County Rescue Squad, Rt 221 South, Floyd, VA2/22/2020NoDistrict 72017 View
363556Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassBVRS 1300 Progress Street, NE. Blacksburg, VA 240602/22/2020NoDistrict 72020 View
363558Vehicle Rescue Awareness and OperationsBachelors Hall Fire & Rescue, Berry Hill Road, Danville, VA 245402/25/2020NoDistrict 52016 View
363559Farm Machinery ExtricationKenbridge EMS, 915 E 5th Ave, Kensington, VA 239442/29/2020NoDistrict 52020 View
363524Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassSim Lab 905 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 245013/14/2020NoDistrict 52019 View
362471Emergency Vehicle Operator Class***CLOSED CLASS*** EVOC 1,2,3 933 South Jefferson St SW Roanoke, VA3/14/2020NoDistrict 62019 View
363563School Bus ExtricationCoolbranch Rescue, 3060 Smith Mountain Road. Penhook, VA 241373/21/2020NoDistrict 62020 View
362801Methods Of InstructionHoliday Inn Tanglewood Roanoke VA3/28/2020NoDistrict 62016 View
362802Infection Disease Control BasicHoliday Inn Tanglewood Roanoke VA3/28/2020NoDistrict 62014 View
362803Designated Infection Control Officer UpdateHoliday Inn Tanglewood Roanoke VA3/28/2020NoDistrict 62017 View
362804Designated Infection Control OfficerHoliday Inn Tanglewood Roanoke VA3/29/2020NoDistrict 62014 View
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