The Virginia Lifeline -VAVRS Newsletter

The VIRGINIA LIFELINE (ISSN 0279-6023) is the official publication of the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc., P.O. Box 279, Oilville, VA 23129-0279 (804) 749-8191/800-833-0602.

Signed articles contain the opinion of the individual and not those of the VAVRS or the Editor. The Editor reserves the right to edit any or all articles submitted for publication.

Editorial material should be sent directly to the VAVRS Editor by e-mail to: Editor Requests for advertising rates, material specifications and deadlines should be directed to the Editor.

Articles may be submitted by any member of the VAVRS, AVAVRS and VAJVRS. Feature articles are encouraged. Photos and or graphics are acceptable and can be returned if requested. Contact the Editor if you need assistance in writing an article. Deadline for future issues are as follows:

January 1st for the 1st Quarter Issue
April 1st for the 2nd Quarter Issue
July 1st for the 3rd Quarter Issue
August 1st for the Conference Issue
October 1st for the 4th Quarter Issue