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If you have any difficulty downloading the forms listed below, send an E-Mail to Webmaster and the form will be forwarded to you as an attachment. Sorry for any problems.

VAVRS Privacy Notice

Activity Report

2018 Activity Report    
2018 Activity Report Instructions

Hall of Fame/Life Membership Application Forms
Hall of Fame Application Form
Life Membership Application Form - Due date for 2019 submissions is March 1, 2019

VAVRS Exchange Program Forms Forms
Exchange Program Information (Updated 11/20/17)
Application for Paramedic Exchange Program (Fillable PDF)(Updated 11/20/17)

Death Benefit Plan Forms and Information
The death benefit plan has a payout of $1,250 after all forms and processes have been completed.
Death Benefit Plan Amendment Form
Death Benefit Plan Application
Death Benefit Plan Deletion Form
Deceased Member Report Form

 VAVRS Training Forms

Instructor Information Form
Instructor Code of Ethics
Certificate of Driving Experience Form
Course Announcement Form pdf non fillable  (Updated 05-27-2017)
Course Announcement Form fillable pdf (Update 05-27-2017)
Course Evaluation Form
Course Roster
DMV Roster for EVOC - Must be sent to VAVRS at the completion of EVOC
Instructor Trainer Requirements
Accident Report Form
Incident Report for Sick or Injured Students
Post Incident Accident Report
Release Waiver of Liability Form

Expense Vouchers
Expense Voucher

Volunteer Management Guides
VAVRS Recruitment and Retention Guide
VAVRS Fund Raising Guide

Current Bylaws of VAVRS revised August 2019
Current Bylaws of the AVAVRS Revised 9/2018

Current Bylaws of the VAJVRS
Current Death Benefit Plan ByLaws