Auxiliary to the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads
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Auxiliaries are originated to assist and support their local squads. The AVAVRS brings those auxiliaries together to share resources and experiences. The AVAVRS has 6 district throughout the state. Each district elects it own officers and hold district meetings. 

Interested in joining the Auxiliary of the VAVRS? Below is why Ailease Short, AVAVRS President joined:

My name is Ailease Short, President of the AVAVRS (Auxiliary to the Volunteer Rescue Squads in Virginia.) I would like to tell you about things that go on in the Auxiliaries across the state. I joined my local Auxiliary back in 1978, from there I have participated in all areas of the State Association. I have been an officer on the local scene, the District level, and the State level. I now serve as their President.

Joining an auxiliary is a source of social activities as well as developing a group of EMS friends. Auxiliaries are very helpful in supporting the EMS community through fundraising. In addition to the priceless lessons learned as an auxiliary member through the years I have enjoyed meeting and making new friends for life, working for others, obtaining a wealth of information, and serving others and doing it as a volunteer.

The following is an expanded explanation which demonstrates a WIN/WIN for anyone who is accepted as an Auxiliary member.

You will learn a lot by attending auxiliary functions:
Going to District and State meetings are very informative and provides opportunities for idea sharing and fellowship. It also allows one to take part in local and District meetings or hosting a District meeting. Going to the annual Convention exposes members to all facets of AVAVRS, VAVRS, & VAJVRS and provides several social experiences for the Auxiliary. Attending the annual Rescue College gives you hands on opportunities to take the various classes offered and attend the Auxiliary meeting.

Auxiliaries render lots of community service through the following:
We teach CPR and First Aid classes, distribute safety materials, provide or help with health screenings, blood drives, sponsoring community activities for needy families, homeless needs, and community support. We volunteer time or donate to kid’s camps, Salvation Army, Red Cross, civic groups, cancer telethons and relays, and food and clothing drives.

We serve our squads with:
We provide fundraising, help with administrative work, some run calls, building maintenance, refreshments for squads at their monthly meeting or Auxiliary sponsored activities, and during EMS week directly related to their squad. We work behind the scenes so to speak to make everything run as it should. Auxiliaries also promote a lot of community awareness in our local areas.

Over my 40 years in the AVAVRS, I have met so many great people and made so many new friendships that will last a lifetime. Hospitality across our state is remarkable. I have learned so much in this organization from the ground up. I have had so many mentors and people helping me along the way. We would love to have you join our great association and have fun with us. We need you to keep the Volunteer movement alive. It is a rewarding experience and we would love to have you aboard. Think about it, we need your ideas, time and presence.

Ailease Short
AVAVRS President

For more information about becoming a member of the Auxiliary please contact our AVAVRS Vice President Fay Browning.


Fay Browning (Henrico), 
7394 Ford Ave. 
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
H- 804-569-6007
C- 804-382-1717