Virginia Association of Junior Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc.

The VAJVRS is the youthful division of the VAVRS. Any junior squad of a member unit is eligible to become a member. The VAVRS believes junior squads to be the future of pre-hospital care. It is the association goal to offer guidance and channel their enthusiasm into education and leadership skills. The Junior Association hold many competitions and social events for it members.

Junior District Meetings are at the same time and location as the Senior District Meeting.

VAJVRS Spring BOG Packet


VAJVRS Application Form

VAJVRS 2018-2019 Officers

President: Brandon Propst 540-830-9399
Vice President: Sheriz Chisley-Strickler 540-688-9337
Secretary/Treasurer: Adam Lane 276-608-1273
Chaplain: Bryton Vandyke 276-698-1348
Historian: Oliva Bostic 276-492-5760

District 1 V.P. : Kalee Stevenson 540-241-5803
District 3 V.P. : Cara Beasley 804-586-8480
District 5 V.P. : Tyler McGaughey 434-203-1301
District 6 V.P. : Bradley Hancock 276-340-0926
District 6 V.P. : Toby Akers Jr. 540-357-0801
District 7 V.P. : Adarah Williams 540-922-3556
District 9 V.P. : Alice Becker 276-274-5798
District 10 V.P. :Emily Laveroni 540-645-9206

VAVRS Junior Advisor - Chair: Alfred Smith 540-558-9334
VAVRS Junior Advisor: Brandon Baugus 804-586-0158
VAVRS Junior Advisor: Kim Melson 540-735-4889
VAVRS Junior Advisor: Emily Pittman
VAVRS Junior Advisor: Adarah Williams 540-922-3556