Training Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures
Below are the policies and procedures for the VAVRS Training Program.

VAVRS Instructor Code of Ethics
Instructor Code of Ethics

VAVRS Training Job Descriptions
Training Officer Job Description
Division Manager (DM) Job Description
Course Coordinator (CC) Job Description
Instructor Trainer (IT) Job Description

100 - Administrative
Training Structure and Divisions - Policy#: T-2020-100
Course Scheduling and Subsequent Procedures - Policy#: T-2020-101
Course Student Minimums and Agency Course Request - Policy#: T-2020-102
Health and Safety - Policy#: T-2020-110
Alcohol and Other Drugs - Policy#: T-2020-111

200 - Instructor Certification
Instructor Certification Pathway and Recertification - Policy#: T-2020-200
Instructor Performance Review - Policy#: T-2020-201

Training Program Organizational Charts:
Training Program Organizational Chart
EMS Enhancement Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
EVOC Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Extrication Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Leadership/Administrative Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Special Division Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)
Technical Rescue Organizational Chart (COMING SOON)

VAVRS Injury/Illness/Damage/Crash Reports
Vehicle and Trailer Crash Report Form
Equipment Damage, Loss, or Theft Report Form
Injury/Illness Report Form (Instructor or Reporting Party)
Injury/Illness Report Form (Ill/Injured Person)
Injury/Illness Report Form (Witness)
Medical/First Aid Rendered Report Form

VAVRS Training Budget Request Forms
Course Coordinator Budget Request Form
Division Manager Budget Request Form