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Please note that for all classes sponsored or taught by the VAVRS there is a $50.00 non member fee; additionally if you register for a class and do not attend for emergent reasons there is a $25.00 no show fee that will be charged.
Session IDCourseLocationStart DateInstructor UpdateLead InstructorDistrictMax SeatsSeats Avaliable 
340738Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassCLOSED - EVOC 1, 2, 3 Lake Monticello 14 Slice Rd Palmyra VA 229635/30/2018NoDistrict 1159 View
338776Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassEVOC 1,2 West Hanover VRS 17005 Beaver Dan Rd Beaverdam VA 230156/2/2018NoDistrict 32010 View
340370Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassEVOC Class 1, 2 - Lakeside VRS - 2007 Timberlake Ave Richmond VA 232286/5/2018NoDistrict 32016 View
340625Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassEVOC 1, 2, 3 Prince Edward VRS 500 Doswell St Farmville VA6/9/2018NoDistrict 52015 View
340829Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassEVOC 1, 2,3 - Bridgewater RS 10 Volunteer Dr Bridgewater VA 228156/23/2018NoDistrict 12018 View
336349Parlimentary LawFlint Hill Vol Fire & Rescue 945 Fodderstack Rd Flint Hill Va 226277/14/2018NoDistrict 102014 View
336348Hazardous Materials First Responder AwarenessFlint Hill Vol Fire & Rescue7/21/2018NoDistrict 102019 View
337956Emergency Vehicle Operator ClassEVOC 1,2, 3 - Franklin Co RS 146 West Court St Rocky Mount Va 2415110/6/2018NoDistrict 62020 View
337958Vehicle Rescue Awareness and OperationsFranklin Co RS - 147 West Court St Rocky Mount VA 2415111/2/2018NoDistrict 62018 View
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