Auxiliary to the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads

Auxiliaries are originated to assist and support their local squads. The AVAVRS brings those auxiliaries together to share resources and experiences. The AVAVRS has 6 district throughout the state. Each district elects it own officers and hold district meetings. The AVAVRS raises in excess of $700,000 per year for their senior organizations.

AVAVRS Job Description Booklet


Trula Peach Scholarship

AVAVRS 2016-2017 Officers

President: Harry Householder (Loudoun Co.)
Vice President: Ailease Short (Brunswick)
Secretary: Marie Householder (Loudoun Co.)
Treasurer: Fay Browning (Henrico)
Historian: Valarie Becker (Glade Spring)
Chaplain: Linda Berkstresser (Lexington)
Parliamentarian: Nancy Winner (Richmond)
Immediate Past President:  Fern Puckett (Washington Co)
Midwestern District VP: Dolores Hudson (Franklin Co)
Northeastern District VP: Maxine Kerns (Millwood Station)
Southcentral District VP: Vicki Arnold (Cave Spring)
Southeastern District VP: Elsie Butler (Henrico)
Southwestern District VP: Diane Haga
Western District VP: Debbie Rhor (Saunton-Augusta)
Conference Chair: Fern Puckett (Washington Co)
Conference Co-Chair: Ruth Swicegood (Franklin Co)
Nominating Comm. Chair: Donna Porter (Campbell Co)
Life Membership Chair: Jean Garrett (Washington Co)
Emergency Care Chair: John Dimino (Greater Manassas)
Life Member Secretary: Judy Matthews (Forest View)
Resolutions Comm. Chair: Nancy Winner (Richmond)
Finance Comm. Chair: Fay Browning(Henrico)
Membership Comm. Chair: Ailease Short (Brunswick)
Roll Call Chair: Laura Booze (Founders)
Roll Call Co-Chair: Clara Craig (Bassett)
Fundraising Chair: Stacey Frame (Bensley-Bermuda)
Fundraising Co-Chair: Tracey Frame (Bensley-Bermuda)